Future City Cars

The Challenge

Help a car manufacter to investigate behaviours and unmet needs of two-seats small city car drivers.

Research Object

We partnered with Esro (London) to work on a multi-sited qualitative research commissioned by a car manufacturer company to investigate behaviours and unmet needs of two-seats small city car drivers. 
London and Rome were the selected as cities for the field-work.

Reshape City Cars

The outcome was used to inform the engineering department. From the careful listening and observation of driver’s needs, their daily life and their aspirations to increase the chances of a better design of a new city car.



What we did

User Research, Ethnography



ESRO in Numbers
10hours city travels
70km travelled
5users involved
5GoPro used
Fifth Beaters Involved
Stefano Stravato
Raffaele Boiano
Co-Founder, UX Design
Mino Parisi
Lorenzo Franchini
User Researcher
On The Field

After screening and recruiting a group of participants from different sample targets, we met and introduced the research to our respondents. We installed a small cam (GoPro) into their vehicule for a week and asked them to keep a paper diary of their movements, recording the journeys connected with their habits.

Me And My Small Car

We ecountered each participant in their home environment for a delicate “one day long” filmed interview about their lives, past present and future decisions to gently focus on the relationship betweeen the person and the vehicle.

Peer Review & Co-Analysis

After the careful vision of the footage and the reading of the diaries we collected an incredible amount of data to elaborate the creation of extremely detailed personas and patterns. The Roman team traced down a number of insights and stories that we reported, matched and compared for a final deep analysis with the researchers of Revealing Reality in London.