Designing a better reading experience
through information design

Fondo Pegaso
The Challenge

Complex information which combines regulations, numbers and data in few pages are not always easy to read. This is why Fondo Pegaso asked us to redesign its annual report to get their consumers informed about new credit trends and retirement fund statement.

The context

Pegaso is a non-profit organization which provides an additional long term pension to associated workers. The fund is addressed to public utilities companies and was opened in 1998 by Trade Unions of Companies and Workers that still equally manage it. To better communicate to their consumers they recently felt the need to  update their official website and refresh their annual report. Which is where we come in.

What we did

Our first step with Pegaso was working at the official website redesign. Once we finished the design process, they asked us to rethink the annual report addressed to subscribed members. We had to organize information, tabs, data and graphics in 8 printed pages according to strict guidelines by COVIP, the Italian Supervisory Commission on Pension Funds. Creating a well balanced design able to make all contents easy to ready inside a fixed framework was our main challenge.

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We started our design process with 20 minutes phone interviews to ten subscribed members. We decided to involve both subscribed customers and delegates, people who represents Fondo Pegaso inside companies. Delegates are in charge to mediate with workers and they know their needs and complaints, and thanks to them we were able to collect many meaningful insights to start designin


Fondo Pegaso

What we did

user research, information architecture, user experience, information design




Fondo Pegaso in Numbers
1Feedback survey
95%Users' positive feedback about improvement of information findability
85%Users' positive feedback about information readability
Fifth Beaters Involved
Raffaele Boiano
Raffaele Boiano
Co-Founder, CEO
Ivan Pugliese
Ivan Pugliese
Content Strategist
Mino Parisi
Mino Parisi
UX Designer
Massimiliano Mauro
Massimiliano Mauro
Creative Director
Partners Involved
Contents Structure

The report is divided in three main sections: the first about subscribed member’s status; the second one with general communication and updates from Pegaso; and the third one in which members can check projections of their statement, of their annuity, of Fund profitability.

Since the Fund allows customers to choose among three different kind of investment, the first and the second sections are customized according to member’s pension. This is why we created a total of six different templates to meet all possible options: three single templates, one for each kind of investment; and three mixed templates.


To make contents easier to read we tried to reduce the text focusing on important information and on captions. The typography was totally redesigned by using two different fonts: Intern UI, specially designed for user interfaces with focus on high legibility of small-to-medium sized text; and Titillium, an elegant and minimal typeface.


Creating a new layout this time meant setting a new hierarchy of contents. Starting from interviews insights, we focused on giving more importance to clear headlines and we highlighted specific information such as balances, costs, and investments.

We inserted boxes by using different colors background according to the topic, and we organized tables in order to pull the most important information out. All these elements gave to the new design harmony and movement towards a new look and feel able to make contents goodlooking and easy to read finally.