Designing digital touchpoint
for surfboard’s factory

The Challenge

When you are on a surfboard you are constantly challenged, by the sea, the wind, your body. This time Matteo challenged us to help him surf the biggest of the waves: the web.

What we did

Our moleskine was filled of precious notes in few hours. Our practice starts with listening, in depth, a selection of clients and each one of the partners separately. They were absolutely sure of what they needed, at first. Their storytelling started in a rational and linear way. Afterwards our task was to let them open on their passion, pride and feelings towards their job. Our story was getting a rare touch of authenticity. Our work was to begin from this point. 


After some meetings with the clients, and through the analysis of their marketing data we came up with three personas based also on the knowledge of the surf tribe by Francesco.



What we did

Information architecture, user interface design, user experience, interaction design




Euroglass in Numbers
2Travels to Hossegor
30Beers by the seaside
51Skateboards used
60Surfboards used
Fifth Beaters Involved
Raffaele Boiano
Raffaele Boiano
Co-Founder, CEO
Francesco Vetica
Francesco Vetica
Head of Design
Domenico Polimeno
Domenico Polimeno
UX Designer
Partners Involved
Tech Partner
The context

Euroglass was founded in 1990 to supply Quiksilver with premium surfboards and has reinforced this service for the last 25 years. Staying in touch with the dynamic technical market that our market exiges we have diversified our range including surfboard surfboard accessories, stand up paddle boards and surf school equipment.

Recently longboard skateboards were integrated into our range staying in line with our intial purpose, to create and supply the best technical product on the market. In 2012 we moved from our rustic surfboard shed into a 1500m2 custom-built factory of unrivalled standards. A “REACH” and “QUEST” approved facility that now emplays 15 young men and women who share the same objectives; authenticity, Innovation and reliability. Our future is clear, continue to grow and evolve as we have for the last 25 years and integrate future products that reflect our passions and that will lead our youth into the next century.

Competitive Analysis & Moodboard

Oh boy! They don’t joke out there: they are many and each one of them works very fine. We went through a delicate process with our client to understand which was the best way to clearly describe what it's Euroglass, not just a surfboard factory!


We moved from a sketch phase to a wireframes phase in which we added a level of fidelity to the pages. We connected the pages together to highlights each of every steps that a user could take to experience the new website

The Visual Language

Working closely with Euroglass design team we ensure the consistency of the brand characteristic and attributes. We embraced simplicity through constraints, refining application of typography and color, using beautiful images in action trying to inspire the users and to convey the feeling that you can prove at the beach and in the water. We used just few colours and mostly grey and black tones to let the vibrant colours of the surfer to pop.